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Wanted: Bandai Renewal VF-25 Spare Parts


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Hello, I'm looking for a spare part for my 1/60 Bandai DX Chogokin VF-25 Renewal (V2).

The part in question is the die-cast chip connector that attaches the legs to the main body. Here are two images of the part:

post-18307-0-00430400-1369998122_thumb.jpg post-18307-0-58491500-1369998149_thumb.jpg

If anyone has a broken VF-25 and is willing to sell this part please contact me. It might soften the blow of a destroyed Renewal toy a bit. :)

I'm not interested in buying a complete VF-25 Renewal toy but if someone is willing to sell more spare parts I might be interested.

Be aware that I'm not based in the States so if your interested in a deal you have to be able to ship the item internationally.

If your interested please send me a PM.

Greetings Scyla


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Yeah I tried that one but they refused to do it. So I tried to glue it and it holds fine in pose but is unable to transform without removing the piece. I might salvage my VF-25A for the part but I would rather have a replacement. ^_^

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