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1/60 VF-1J 30th Anniversary


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Saw this on FB today, so this is the raw form of the toy out of the box.


WF2013夏!アルカディアブースにて、弊社の記念すべきマクロスシリーズ第一弾「1/60 完全変形 VF-1J バルキリー マクロス30周年塗装機」を30個限定、お値引き価格にてご予約受付をいたします!


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I know this has been said before... but I wish they would had reissued the super/strike parts. :S

And they will.

It´s absolutely clear that they will. They could not earn so much with the valkyries, but selling the strike parts for $50, for some pieces of plastic, and it´s a win-win situation for Arcadia. And we´ll pay gladly. Look at Bandai, and you know how all of this works.

So, just keep waiting a little more....

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Just prepaid for my order with NY for this sucker. I'm debating if I'll actually take it out of the box or just display the badass box instead........

What I might do though is take the stand out, make a template of it and try to copy it using plexiglass, my jigsaw and a heat gun.

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Box art does look nice! Guess they are going the Ingram / Scopedog route with illustrations...

bout damned time they did. not so sure if it's all ultimately worth the profound price increase incurred, but YMMV...

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