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I have to disagree with Terri Hatcher, she had no film presence before her Bond role, and none after. TV is still where has been (and never will be) film stars go when they lose their box office appeal.

HBO series beg to differ

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Might have to watch a few to remember who everyone is. That old guy in the shack Bond visits was also in Quantum of Solace.

... and first appeared in "Casino Royale" (where he had a role that was much more important to the plot, I might ad).

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Meanwhile, in other 007 news:

James Bond Distribution Rights Coming Up for Grabs

SPECTRE will be the final 007 film to be distributed by Sony Pictures. Sources say that Warner Bros. will be the next to partner with MGM.

James Bond Reveals His Mission in SPECTRE Footage at CinemaCon


Classic James Bond Villain Doesn't Want to See a Black 007

UPDATE: Roger Moore Says Idris Elba Can't Be Bond, as 007 Should be "English-English"

Amidst the leaked reports of Sony considering Idris Elba (Stacker Pentecost in Pacific Rim, Heimdall in the Marvel Cinematic Universe) to replace Daniel Craig, Yaphet Kotto (Kananga/Mr. Big in Live and Let Die) voiced his opinion against casting a black James Bond. Roger Moore himself was also against the idea, but some readers took his comments the wrong way, forcing Moore to clarify that his opinion was not racist. Still, he forgets that Bond was Scottish (Sean Connery), Australian (George Lazenby), Welsh (Timothy Dalton), and Irish (Pierce Brosnan).

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