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Do any of the Frontier albums/soundtracks have the Ranka version of DY


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The deculture edition size is in the single Seikan Hikou (星間飛行), the long version is in the Vocal Collection disc 1 and the bless of little queen version is in the second OST and Vocal Collection disc 2.

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Excluding covers by multitude of musicians not directly affiliated with Macross it's not like there should be other covers of song in the first place...?

But yeah anyway, I'm big fan of Kanno's arrangements of AiObo for Frontier. Bless the little queen is haunting with its floating keys and heavily echoed production while the manipulated Iijima vocals for coda in Deculture edition was a stroke of genius. I also like Megumi's clear voice a lot, especially in the surprisingly "dark", sad tone she uses for bless the little queen.

It's just that I'm retarded for cheesy 80s production and the original's take on MOOO HITOOORIIIIIIBOCCHI JYAAANAIIII is untoppable so I'd put original first followed closely by Bless the little queen version. Order after that doesn't reallly matter much.

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