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Is the Yamato 1/3000 SDF-1 still available anywhere?

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DYRL's 30th Anniversary is actually in 2014.....so you basically need to gamble whether or not Arcadia will re-release it in 2014.....if you can't afford or can't fathom paying 600 USD for it ever, you have nothing to lose by waiting since it will most likely cost even more by next year if Arcadia decides not to re-release it.....if they do re-release it...then you can most likely buy it at your price range...plus get a fancy 30th Anniversary sticker to boot!!! ;)

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I can't tell their shipping rate to the USA. I did see they don't want new users to bid on it (I'd have to sign up and therefore be a new user). So I'd probably have to use a middle man, pay shipping twice, etc. Be well over 600 by the time I'm done :(

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