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Lestat's Animated Series: Duffton Friends


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Hi guys,

This is the closest forum I can think of to off topic on Macrossworld, so hope no one takes offence to it.

I really need some help spreading news of a project outside
of Sweden, especially in English speaking parts of the world. To those who
remember my work on the Homeworld and Homeworld 2 total conversion mods in the
Fan Works section, amongst various other fan works projects, I have been away
from the community for a good few years, busy getting my degree in 3D animation.

Now I have started an indie animation studio and I am trying
to crowdfund some short films for a new media series called Duffton Friends. I
could use some help spreading the word and gaining traction outside my country
of residence, Sweden.

It is not Macross, but it is animation, and by someone that

loves Macross. I’d appreciate the help.

Show some love, and I’ll do some Macross modelling on the

side and release my work to any aspiring 3D modellers out there.

The Indiegogo Link

The Website

Prototype Short Film


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