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Captain Legend - A Book for the Space Age


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So I picked up this rather strange book of essays today (alas, all in Japanese) called "Ore no Kancho ["My Captain"]: CAPTAIN LEGEND - A BOOK FOR THE SPACE AGE."

As it sez on the cover, it "contains 24 captain's [sic] wisdom," including (from Yamato): Okita, Hijikata, the Captain of the Andromeda, Mamoru Kodai, Susumu Kodai, and Yamanami... (from Gundam): Bright Noa, Paolo Cassius, Reed, Gadem, Flanagan Boone (but not Char...?), Eipar Synapse, Henken Bekkner, Beecha Oleg, Emary Ounce, Gomez, Mitas, and Zinnerman... (from Macross): Bruno J. Global, Maximilian Jenius, and Jeffery Wilder... (from Vifam): Scott Heyward... (from Gunbuster): Tatsumi... (and from Blue Submarine No. 6): Tokuhiro.

Again, not much there for people who don't speak Japanese, but from what I can glean, the essays are kind of fun, detailing how each captain reacts to unexpected developments and reversals of fortune. It's kind of a self-help book that way, I guess.


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