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My panel at Anime Boston 2013

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Hey guys, I just got approved for a panel at Anime Boston 2013. It will be on Friday, May 24 at 3:45 PM in panel room 206. The panel is called "Ride of the Valkyries: A Guide to the mecha of Macross" and is basically a presentation of the information I've gathered together for the Veef Show thanks to guys like Richard and Renato. I'll be synthesizing information about the fictional Valkyries with their real life inspirations and origins to inform people about some Macross history and real world military aviation facts.

Hope to see people there! Outside of helping David White (of Mechazone) do his panel last year, this is my first so I'll do my best!

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Yeah that was pretty funny! How about that terrordactyl mecha we all designed together? It was a little interesting to hear a guy who makes his living essentially designing walking tank style mecha say he prefers flashier Z.O.E. super robots. I just wish I didn't have to sit next to the guys obsessed with adding "moar chainsaws!!!".

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