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1/60 vf-1 transformation problem


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Hi, today was transforming my vf-1j into battloid mode but SURPRISE!! realized i couldn`t reach that mode. now i remember why i transformed this one only once since i bought it and then back to the box. in fact due to this problem had a very dificult time to go back to fighter mode.

so this time i better ask how to fix this before i try to transform it to battloid again, the problem is the bar that hold the legs together the hinge or joint there is stuck so this makes hard to insert the bar under the nose.

any idea on how to fix it?


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You could try moving the hinge back and forth by holding each side between forefinger and thumb of each hand and applying gentle pressure to see if it budges; failing that you could try a tiny drop of penetrating oil to the hinge pin to see if that loosens it. Last option would be to warm the hinge by concentrating hot air from a hair dryer to it so that it expands just enough to unbind. Once it moves it shouldn't be an issue again.

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