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TAKATOKU Destroid Conversion Kit - VG - Priced to SELL!


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Up for sale (or trade) is a Very Nicely Kept Takatoku Destroid Conversion Kit. SOLD

I would rate it Very Good - with only one krunkle in the left corner. I was surprised today when I opened it again, how nice and crisp it all is.

As you can see in the photos it has all the parts, directions, decals (are unused and mint), trays and box parts. It even has the seldom missing styrofoam pieces that cradle the Tomahawk.

A quick search on auctions shows this available from $150-$320.

I will go fairly cheap IMO to move it quickly at $78 + $10 shipping. I think I paid $175 about 8 years ago.

Never played with or even displayed. I will be loosing money on this vintage toy.

But I can see how my display case is developing and this will not find a spot, so I should share it with someone who will not just pack it away.

I'm looking for a Wave Helldiver, Bandai SPEC L-Gaim Mark I and Yamato Megazone 23 Limited Metallic Garland...

(photo of die-cast endo-skeleton courtesy of Anymoon.com - check out that site!)

THX for looking...





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