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GN-U Dou YF-19 by Yamato (video review)

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I'd like to show you my English review of Yamato's attempt at making YF-19 an action figure, I don't review in English too much (concentrating on my native language rather than lacking skills with English), but I hope you will like it.


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Nice review. My son saw they were on sale at HLJ and bought a few a while back. Your review has been helpful in that I now know that he needs to be extra careful since there hollow. Better he destroy these than the chogokins tho.:)

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They arrived yesterday and I was disappointed by how lose some of the figures were. The YF-21, klangs quad, and the vf-11. There playable and he seems happy. Although they'll wear out sooner than later. Good thing he's taking it easy with them. He has them on display most of the time. Better than on the floor like his Pokemon toys and cards.

The 19 is great, just like the video review says. I have nothing but praise for the yf-19. There a bit larger than the vf-25 from the robot spirits line. They still make good action figures or display models for the macross fan on a budget.

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