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The Veef Show just put up Episode 51 - A Retrospective on Yamato Toys.


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I have to apologize for one thing here: towards the end we talk a bit about the Yamato Showroom event that neither of us attended, but we refer to the pre-release pictures that were put up on this post here:


I'm sorry that I completely neglected to give credit where it's due, and I take this opportunity to thank Save and Tochiro for taking the time to carefully map out each step of the transformation with pictures that I know took a long time to edit and give us their impressions, no doubt helping out all enthusiasts on the fence in making their purchasing decisions. We referenced it but failed to actually mention their involvement.

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Finally got to listen to this, very informative and entertaining as ever!

I got an extra laugh when you guys were talking about the Konig Monster and Renato mentioned photographing his for me in that other thread, haha. Thanks again for that one! :D

Really though, I love this sort of thing, chronicling 'toy history' such as it is. Well done, guys!

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