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SDFM ending credits

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Just rewatch the original SDFM, watched it many times before but since I knew the whole story I was usually doing several things while watching it and didn't got to deeply on the subtle things of the show. Don't know if anyone discussed this before, search it but did not find.

I was always curious on the ending credits after every episode on how melancholic the music and lyrics were, talking about going away, etc., how it sorta cut out of the feeling of the show being a space opera. Also specially why the ending credits were not cut like the show opening in every episode.

Until I saw episode 28 and 36.

On episode 28 I realized the ending credits is the scene where Misa is seeing Hikaru's photo album with only Minmei pictures and how sad she gets.

Given on how its all setup, the album color/design and placing in the table along with the space helmet/Fokker Helmet., so, everytime an episodes ends you know how Misa feels with the lyrics talking about not being able to follow somebody, uncertainty about today and the future and running towards a goal in the distance.

In the end of Episode 36, the last scene after Minmei fairs good bye on going away to find a new reason to sing leaving Hikaru with Misa, there's a hand closing an album with Hikaru and Misa together in the wreckage of the Macross being the last picture . Its Misa closing her album now with her in it.

When the ending credits role, is now Mari Iijima/Minmei singing, but the lyrics are slightly different talking on how she's chosen her new path to reach her goal in the distance.

This is why I love SDFM.

So, was this common knowledge?

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I only just thought of this. The episode where Misa is looking through the album takes place in the second season, which I thought was not originally planned. Was that scene originally intended to be somewhere else in the first season? Or did they make it fit in later on?

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Dynaman - As I understand it, the full plot arc of the full series was originally planned to include events depicted in season 2, later truncated (to one season, ending with Love Drifts Away), and then semi-re-expanded (for the 2nd season).

No, the story was always meant to end with Love Drifts Away, although the final episode had a sorta epilogue to it where its fifteen years later, Hikaru had died in a test-piloting accident, and Misa launches as the Captain of a Megaroad ship.

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Well that would have been somewhat of a downer of an epilogue. I mean who the hell dies as a test pilot anymore, then again we are talking about a guy who's known for being shot down repeatedly, even Misa got in on the act.

As it is Flashback 2012 makes for a better ending. How canon it is is up for debate.

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Flashback 2012 is canon, it was the original ending of DYRL but they ran out of money before they could add it, so they later did FB2012

On topic, since I noticed how the credits are very intricate to the ending, makes you think that in SDFM, perhaps Misa is indirectly the main character, the similarities and relation between her and the Zentradi are more than coincidental, and if you see SDFM entirely from Misa point of view, the show takes a very mature theme. She's the only character who got fully developed from beginning to end, the rest of the cast development somehow revolved around her.

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