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FS: Bandai 1/60 VF-25G v2 (NIB)


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I have a brand new 1/60 Bandai Chogokin DX VF-25G v2 (renewal version) for sale. It was procured from Nippon Yasan when it was $230 (ouch). Looking to sell @ $215 shipped (within North America).

I opened the cardboard cover within the package to check the condition of the Messiah, but it's only a surface check. It's still in the original plastic wrapping and not transformed - I didn't take it out of the foam box.

I'm currently not on the straight shooter's list as I rarely ever sold my Macross collection, the ones I did ended up being local sales. Feedbacks from other sites and eBay available upon request though.

Will provide pictures later tonight.

Note: I currently have 2 buyers in line, I will go down the list depending on who asks me first - not first pay first serve. I find that causes a lot of confusion and just morally incorrect. lol

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