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May'n - The Galactic Fairy


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While still waiting for the review of the interview and concert here's some photos taken n those 3 days.

Day 1 May'n first appearance. the guy next to here is Hayato Kakizawa who will play 'Light Yagami' in the upcoming 'Death Note - the Musical'. His English is very good. Few hours later May'n goes up the big stage (my previous post)



Noteworthy are these two cosplayers - my fellow Malaysians - their costumes are made by themselves and has been consistently high quality so much so that AFA has scouted them. Angie and Ying Tze (tall busty one)


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Day 2

May'n sang the same 2 songs (my video - this time with better sound has gone missing) and during the photo session, this happens -


Even the dark side cannot resist her! XD

Also the cosplayers were back with new costumes (the plug suit was custom made by AFA as it featured their new mascot Reika worn by Angie Ong)




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Day 3

While we were waiting for the interview, May'n walked in and had a 'commercial' shoot with Animax Singapore. and this is the result.... : D


This was on Day 2 when we were waiting for the interview with LISA, that we overheard from the Animax Director and staffs. They were rehearsing for the shoot and the Director was excited 'Oh! Tomorrow we've got May'n! Oh man! She's big! She's like....Huge!' (his arms stretched open) What he meant was - She's a big star and she's popular with the crowd. Another staff was saying 'Oh yeah! She's very natural and good with acting!'

All this while, there was this guy whom I suppose will be in the mascot suit was like scratching his head and thinking- 'Oh my god, the room inside is cramp, can this May'n person fit through? Obviously he have not met May'n and he's thinking she's really out of shape! XD

Day 3 appearance for the cosplayers


Later that day, at the main hall, May'n came in and presented 'Universal Bunny', unfortunately no cameras or recording is allowed. : (

After that May'n together with the rest of the female artiste of HoriPro sang an upbeat version of Misa's song from Death Note. That was good but no recording was allowed.....


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After much difficulty uploading, here they are - Day 1

Warning : I was too close to the speakers but apparently it was not loud enough for her XD! (Northern Cross 1.07)

Wow, I swear she gets cuter ever time I see her! :wub: Especially when she was speaking English. Thanks for posting!

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Still nothing yet from the PR dept. But meantime there's some interesting photos that I've come across

We normally have Spring cleaning but I guess winter is also a good time to do it, She looks like she's in deep thought that see's not aware of what's she cleaning. Love that dead pan look. XD


Not too sure what it says but apparently someone or May'n herself was doing some cutting and injured their/her fingers.....ouch!




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This is coming up soon. I hope she does show up and not just a publicity piece.


Lately May'n is in Bangkok,Thailand for the AFA TH press conference. and she's the only Japanese Artist there. Guess she's really the

ambassador of AFA! (NOTE : April 30th to 3rd May 2015 - Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Center BITEC) Also the same time

as Comic Convention.


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First there's hardly any news as she went on her long tour. Now we are bombarded with news of her XD

She is doing the OP song (LETHE) for the new MMORPG - CROSS LEGION


I was going to ask this question during the interview with her at AFA 2014 but her new manager - a lady, did not approve it as probably there was

no solid decision made yet. But anyway here is the answer:

YES. Special concert. Budokan. 26th August 2015. Powers of voice


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Nice ATLMYK! That was a bit difficult for her singing in engrish XD! There was that fun moment at 1.20 when she looked at the audience and the area of the audience frantically waved with their light sticks!

I believe (if I'm not wrong) the original was written in Japanese and then translated into English.

She had some difficulties too singing for the English version of the new song she recorded in London for Cross Legion (her blog)

It's confirm for sure now she'll be in my country on the 29th March. A concert for MYR23! (For AFA Singapore it's like MYR200. Japan is like MYR220 + arifare + hotel + etc. ) Wow! that's almost like freeeeeeeee! Almost xp


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Some of you may have heard of the new Aquarion.

Guess who is doing the OP? XD


Somewhere in her blog, there's a pix of her holding the poster.

I saw that (it was the only thing in the trailer that I understood)!

Too bad that doesn't seem to be what was used in the trailer. I can't wait until we get to hear it.

Incidentally, I know this is old news, but did you catch her piece for Okami-san? Best part of that show...

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Yup. I am uploading more but it's so sloooooww.

Nasi Lemak is a favourite breakfast dish here but it can be eaten anytime of the day, It's basically rice cooked in coconut milk, served with a portion of hard boiled egg, some fried anchovies, some fried peanuts. a few slices of cucumber and a sambal paste (seafood based paste, mashed with chilies, sugar and cooked with oinions and sometimes the fried anchovies are inside) That is the bare minimum. It can cost as little as MYR1.00 to adding fried chicken, squid, beef, etc and then the skies' the limit.

Goreng Pisang is Fried Banana Fritters. Split the banana in two, dip it into a batter and deep fry it till golden brown.

I do wish if she spoke in Japanese (nice to hear) but then the translator may not be up to the task and most or the meaning will be lost..

Guess you can't have everything. XD

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More pix from animax carnival

After the Meet n Greet session, the extra 10 lucky winners chosen by May'n


During the signing session a surprise Fan joined the queue and May'n was surprised


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Sorry for the long pause. Yes, indeed we met up with the Galactic Fairy at AFATH 2015.

Just finished my write up and handed it over to the PR on the Thai side. will post it up

once they have approved it.

As you probably heard, May'n is taking a long rest because of her vocal chords. Lets all pray and hope she recovers soon.

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This is the same one to vanpang's link. Just to put it here for easy reference in the future.


I'd only attended the concert on the 2nd night because during one of the interview sessions (i was very tired and sat outside while vanpang and Rafe did the interview) i woke up with a headache and didn't want to get my brain thumped by the sound system.

Before May'n came on, I'd notice something different by the rest of the Japanese artist (Fripside, DJ Kazu and Eiru Aoi) which I did not observed in the previous AFAs. They all started to do the same thing May'n does! They picked up some of the local language and ate the local food! I guess they found out May'n way to win fans! XD

But May'n is still way ahead in embracing the locals. XD If you hv read the interview, there was one part where she forgot what she wanted to say in Thai, you can hear the audience trying to help her out!

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