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May'n - The Galactic Fairy


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This place is really for fans! This is the opening act of Mic-A-Mania.

Do remember to click at 'Back to Album' for MORE Goodies!

Next to it (right) is another from Mic-A-Mania concert - 'If you wish for.....'


Lots to watch, including full videos of Mr Super Future Star, Run Real Run, Chase the World and Heat of the Moment


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Hi, back from Jakarta. First day was HELLLLLL!

A few days before our flight, we were notified that our return flight at 6.50 pm has been cancelled and were put on to 8.25pm flight, which will arrive at 10.30pm in Sepang. One hour to reach town and another 40 min plus to reach home = LATE (working tomorrow). Then just before we take off the next morning at 9.50am next morning we had a call from the airport telling us that our going flight is also delayed to 2.15pm! We are expecting an interview with May'n at around 1 pm Jakarta time (one hour late) Not too sure the cause of the delay, whether it was really bad weather (met some people who had missed their flight due to the heavy rain and all traffic was a stand still) or there was a riot in Jakarta.

Luckily we went to the airport early and caught a 1.20pm flight. But once we boarded the plane it just sat there for about 30 min, waiting for it's turn to take off. Reached Jakarta at 3.40pm. Van Pang lost his luggage (informed that it might be on the next plane and will send to the hotel if found!). We bought the taxi and waited for another 30-40 min. We were also informed that the event was also delayed to 2pm and will go on till 4 pm (local time). Travelling to the venue at Plaza Senayan was another hell as we finally reached the venue at 5.30pm! We rushed up to the place where the interview is suppose to be held but it was too late. Only some familiar faces from the other media as well as staff of AFA were there. We had dinner and decided to go to the hotel to check in before something else 'bad' happens. (At the entrance, to the Plaza were Police personnel checking our luggage with a metal detector - so the rumor of a riot might be quite true) Luckily, the moment we reached the hotel, our luck changed. Quite a pleasant hotel/motel - House of Arsonia Tulip. They saw our AFAID 2013 flyer and told us that they can send us there for FREE! (everyday!)The airport had called and will sent Van Pang's luggage.Enjoyed a nice view from the rooftop of the hotel and decided to turn in for the night.

While we were going up to the 4th floor at Plaza Senayan, I've happened to look down and was quite sure I saw someone on the escalator that looked like May'n manager and a female person wearing a black and white dress with a matching hat. OMG! could that be May'n? My other member tried to catch a glimpse but then told me it wasn't her, anyway they were 2 floors down and leaving the Plaza. Later Van Pang checked the photos that were posted during the interview and it confirmed that I did indeed saw May'n as she was wearing the same outfit!

That's it for day one. Rushed everywhere and missed everything! : (...............

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Day 1 AFAID 2013

A large crowd had already gathered by 9.20am. Everyone eager to get in but there was some jam up at the ticketing booth. Things had not worked out so smoothly on one side (I'll not dwell deeper into it). There was one incident a young girl fainted in the sun and was brought to the emergency room. The ticketing booth opened later and the crowd began to pour in. Those who bought concert tickets have a 'lucky draw' to get a signed autographed of their favorite artiste performing that day (EIR AOI, AYA HIRANO AND MAY'N). By 12 noon, it was pretty clear who the crowd favorite was - none other than our Galactic Fairy. (Lucky draw box for May'n was almost empty)

The autograph giveaway was to start at 12.55am. As we had missed our appointment with May'n yesterday, I've decided this would be a good opportunity to just pass her a gift that we had brought from Malaysia.(didn't want to carry it around anymore as it was taking up a lot of space) While waiting for her, I saw a videographer shooting her entering the booth and she said a few lines (something along the line of 'happy to meet her Indonesian fans)

Once she had completed her task of handing out the posters, I wanted to pass the gift but then a staff of AFA informed me that I can actually pass it to her tomorrow during a media/press interview! I was like 'What? Oooh....okay! Even May'n was surprised there was such a thing. We left it at that and I quickly check with the person in charge to confirm and get us in.

The concert started with a new face - a young singer by the name of Angelina from Jakarta and she sang the theme song from Evangelion. Earlier I spotted May'n ex manager walking around the convention center with this girl in tow. I was surprised at this (usually it would be the four girls from SEA A * . So I checked with our Singaporean rep and he told me that SEA A* had officially disbanded recently - something about the girls can't keep up anymore (the last time I saw them was at AFA2012 in Singapore). The new girl was picked from Horipro's talent wagon last year during AFAID12. Next was EIR AOI (pronounced AIR RU - AH OI, don't ask me where the U sound came from), then AYA HIRANO which was the longest act as she has speaking parts.

Finally it was May'n turn. She dished out 8 songs (1. Chase the World, 2. Run Real Run. 3. Aozora, 4. Diamond Crevasse, 5. Lion - May'n ver. 6. Ready Go! 7. Iteza Kuji Go-Go Don't be late! 8. Vivid) One fan was so thrilled he shouted 'Macross Night!' Vivid really brought the house down as everyone was really pumped up by the upbeat tune. Some fans actually came all the way from Japan to see her peform (same bunch of guys that came to Animax Malaysia event) Strange though, everyone had the same number of songs but May'n one seem to fly by.....well Macross speed (feel like 10 mins) Just before she returned back stage, she announced,,,,,,,,,,,,

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Some photos taken during the concert by authorized photographer.


Oh, by the way. If you want to know what it feels (look) like to have May'n looking at you up close and personal ? Check out the 'Making of Mic-A-Mania' as this time, she is holding the camera and filming herself, so it looks like she's looking at you (the camera lens)!

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Okay,.....our little chat with May'n is still in limbo.

So..........anyway, she announces...........WORLD TOUR 2014! (Indonesia will be one of the destinations, she did mentioned Malaysia during the Animax carnival early this year, though we weren't sure back then, but with this announcement, we are quite confident that it will happen.) Let's hope the other venues are nearby you too. : D

AFA day 2 was packed, at least 20,000 people came. It was a sea of people and at some point we were moving shoulder to shoulder. Shingeki No Kyojin booth was totally wiped clean except for that Freakish rubber full head mask. (Stocks had to be flown in from Singapore the next day)

Vanpang seems to be running into some bad luck as he lost his glasses somewhere between breakfast and our chat with May'n.

DJ Kazu opened the concert with his non-stop compilation of anime songs which thrilled the audience but around minute 40 his 'player' broke down. He frantically tried to repair it, a backstage staff came to his aid and within something like 8 minutes it was back on and everyone was back into the mood, But then it went down again and this time for good. DJ Kazu was really embarrassed that he dropped down to his knees and begged for forgiveness, to which I think everyone forgave him cause it was fun. Just before going into the curtains, he dropped to his knees again. Next up was Frip-side (made famous by 'Only my Rail gun') This time it went without a hitch. (Singapore 2012). Just before ending, band creator Satoshi Yaginuma announces that he will take a few days off to visit Jakarta, while vocalist Yoshino Nanjou has to return to Japan immediately after the concert! (this drew some laughter from the audience)

Next up was Baby-Metal, well....I don't know what to say except it's all just for show - out of the 3 girls only one sings, the other 2 just do gestures and the 'band' 4 guys dressed in black with white skeletons are, well.... playing 'air' instruments as the cables are not even connected to amplifiers Music is piped in.

We didn't stay further as it was quite difficult to get a taxi back to our hotel which was decent but hard to find

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Here's the link to our chat with May'n at AFAID'13


By the way, you can watch this talk show about May'n 10th anniversary for those who has a Nico2 Douga account. (Don't need a premium acc. to watch, if an anything happens, click back or log in again.) Funny! May'n can really joke! Fans want a Nendroid version of May'n. You can hear one guy laughing loudly behind the camera! : D


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I guessed by now you've heard of the latest buzz, that next year is her 10th Anniversary and lots of programs lined up for 2014 to 2015. Starting with her concert named 'dots and lines' I guess she'll be pretty busy with 47 places to sing in Japan alone (see Pix - each place is represented by an event and well....May'n) : D


What's got every fan jumping in joy is the announcement of a Nendroid May'n which will be released at a later date! Sure hope I can get my hands on it!

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Been meaning to post this but was busy at something else. This is the site I mentioned during the interview with May'n at AFAID 2013. This one is really fun because it's opened and you can freely see other fan's post and vote. Lots of photos by the manager (most of which you have not seen before including some really funny ones candidly shot by staff) There are also polls which you can take part (some unfortunately badly translated until you can't understand). But best of all, The Galactic Fairy herself asks for your opinion and leaves 'thank you' notes in your private folder! : D


Create account to join!

Free videos to watch!


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Today is May'n birthday!

If you can join in the site I've posted above - May'n Space (Revolver.com) you can see lots of cakes, fan art, pixs, etc! You can also leave your birthday wishes at her personal post (just 13 minutes ago - posted by the birthday girl) : D

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