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New Dragon Ball Z Movie

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I see Majin Buu in the background, does this takes place after they defeated Evil Kid Buu?

Yes, it takes place between the last anniversary special which was after the kid buu saga, and the end of the series where they go to the martial arts tournament with Pan as a little girl.

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What most impressed me was the animation. Good god, is it a beautiful movie. Finally, DBZ looks as good on screen as it always has in my imagination. Movie is absolutely gorgeous.

And Bills is just cool. I really hope to see him in a new DBZ fighting game. A new, good, DBZ fighting game. Emphasis on that last point.

What cinema chain did you see it at? We got trailers for Captain Harlock at Wald9 :-)

I thought the movie looked good although I wouldnt call it gorgeous. The CG wasnt blended as well as it could have been but then again it didnt need to be. It looked pretty much what I expected a modern version of DBZ to look like.

The fact that Masako Nozawa can still do Gokus voice so well at the age of 76 completely blows my mind though. Surely all that screaming and yelling cant be good for her health...

And Bills was just soooo much more fun than expected. Yamadera really hit it out of the park when it came to voicing him too.

Dont forget though, the most powerful power-up in all of DBZ is now a fe....oops, ill stop there ;)

When does the english dub for this movie come out? Excited to see it :)

I heard Funimation or which ever company that does the English stuff hasn't bought the rights to this movie yet.

No foreign release has been announced yet although the movies FB page says it will announce foreign release details when there are any.

While I cant say I personally approve of it, given the franchises huge following in the US I'd say its a fairly certain bet that they'll dub it.

Also, theres a Kotaku review up for anyone who is interested:


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I'm used to CGI never blending seamlessly... but the movie had, by far, the best CGI/animation blending I've ever seen. Granted, I don't really watch much anime these days, much less anime movies. But DBZ? I couldn't resist. As for Goku... well, I wasn't too surprised. Goku always sounded a bit like an elderly Japanese woman to me.

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They're gonna play down the road from where I work.........but since I've already seen it, I don't think I'll blow the 15 dollar ticket since it's a night show on a weekday. It wasn't even a good movie anyways, real disappointed in it.

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I have no expectation before watching the new movie. (few of the previous DBZ movies were bad imo e.g "Bio Brolly")

Though I have zero expectation in the movie, I am still very very disappointed in it. Very.

I have all the previous movies in my harddisk, but this movie was so bad imo that I deleted it straight after I watched it.

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