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For Sale: Bandai DX YF-29 Durandal


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US buyers only please. All deals fell through so this item is back for sale:

I have a YF-29 that I am selling. I got this from AmiAmi in the summer of 2011 when they were first released. I am the first owner. This is the first release...so if the recent reissue had any improvments or changes made to it, obviously this one does not have them. 100% complete. Transformed to battroid once, displayed for a few months and then transformed back to fighter and has been displayed in fighter mode for the past year or so. Great conditon. No breaks or flaws anywhere that i can see.

the box is a little rough at the corners due to storage...its probably a C8 or so.

$250 shipped in the US.

SSL members only please. My name isnt on the actual SSL yet but I have had several positive sales on this forum and my name has been mentioned and I have been thanked in the SSL thread. Some of the MW members that I have done business with are: Kevin/Valkyrie Exchange, GLane, Mister_E, MisterRyno or whatever that dudes name was who had the meltdown, I think I got my VF-0A from Miriya but I honestly dont remember, I think my 1/55 reissues went to Nukatsuka?





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