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WTB: Milia TV Cels


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Yep that one was pretty nice. I have had the most luck getting mine, and Macross cels in general, from Yahoo Japan Auctions, via Rinkya or whatever deputy service you prefer. It is really just something of a waiting game though. You might want to check some of the various private cel dealers as well. I don't think off the top of my head any have Millia cels at the moment but that can change. This site tracks many of those dealers.


Also follow the Mandarake auctions, both their regular and quarterly big web auction. Nice Macross cels have come through there on occasion. Several of mine are from there. Lastly the Rubberslug community is a good resource (where I have my collection posted). There are a number of members there who collect Macross and they might be able to point you in other directions, or even have a cel of their own they are willing to part with.

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