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1/72 Rare Kits and Hasegawas

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I really don't want to get rid of this stuff but I have no choice.

I'll take pictures of the kits tomorrow when there's better light.

These kits are pretty rare, really hard to find so maybe a completist can take them in. Offers will be considered, just shoot me a PM.

Everything is 1/72 scale except for the SD's.

Tanmen's Cat's Eye - $225

Tanmen's Dragon II - SOLD

Tanmen Fan Liner - SOLD


Tanmen SD YF19 - $100

Tanmen SD Super Ostrich - $125

Hasegawa Super O and Elint - $45 each

Hasegawa Elint (No instructions) -$35

Cat's Eye Complete

post-151-0-23786200-1353608063_thumb.jpg post-151-0-03974800-1353608067_thumb.jpg

Dragon II Box was written on and missing instructions reduced to $150


Fan Liner complete


SD YF19 Complete


SD Ostrich Complete


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Noooo!!! I have 5 years looking for a Fanliner!!! Live is unfair!! achiachris, if you can't buy it for some reason, please let me know!!

I'm very sad... :(

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Cat's Eye received, and in excellent condition. Thank you so much!

and Japan Post delivered on New Year's day, too. :o:D

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