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As some of you may have seen, I had a for sale/trade post up for a bit. Now I'm ready to move that stuff over to eBay. All auctions will start with ask prices well below market so if there's anything on here you want you should definitely check it out. Once people have begun bidding on an item I will not end the auction early but I will continue to consider trade offers until that point. First round of auctions is over, I will post a link again when my next round of auctions are up. All items listed are available for trade for MP Transformers, Yamato VF-11C, Patlabor toys, V2 VF-1 toys, and random other stuff, let me know. -

1) Bandai VF100 Family Mart Exclusive
2) Bandai VF100 Fighter VF-25S Exclusive
3) Bandai VF100 Fighter VF-25F Exclusive
4) Toynami 1/100 VF-1S Hikaru Exclusive
5) Toynami 1/100 VF-1S Stealth Exclusive

6) Aoshima 1/48 Mospeada Tread BLUE
7) Toynami 1/55 Masterpiece Volume 1 HIkaru VF-1J

8) Gakken of Japan (Mospeada release) 1/35 Green Legioss (complete but stickered up and box is pretty dinged up, toy shows no noticeable yellowing but the little soldier figure guy is yellowed a bit on the front)
9) Gakken of Japan (Mospeada release) 1/35 Red Legioss pretty much like new but the box has minor shelf wear. Very hard to come by one this nice.
10) Toynami Masterpiece Alpha Volume 1

11) Toynami Masterpiece Alpha Volume 2
12) Toynami Masterpiece Alpha Volume 3
13) Toynami Masterpiece Beta Volume 2
14) Toynami Masterpiece Beta Volume 3

15) Toynami Superposeable Alpha Metallic collection (all variants) - opened but complete
16) Toynami Superposeable Red (goes great with Masterpiece Beta toys!) - opened but complete and can provide blistercard

17) Toynami Superposeable clear shadow fighter (opened but complete, can provide blistercard)
18) Toynami Superposeable green alpha (opened but complete, can provide blistercard)
19) Gakken of Singapore two mode diecast Legioss blue
20) Gakken of Singapore two mode diecast Legioss green
21) Gakken of Singapore two mode diecast Legioss red
22) Gakken 3x 1/55 Legioss (Robotech box) blue
23) Gakken giftset 1/72 3x Legioss and 1/20 transformable ride armor green
24) CMs Legioss & Tread giftset green
25) CMs Legioss & Tread giftset red
26) Gakken 3x 1/55 Legioss (Robotech box) green
27) Gakken 3x 1/55 Legioss (Robotech box) red

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Thanks aurance!

All items that have been paid for are shipping tomorrow with delivery confirms delivered after work.

All items that have not been listed yet should be listed middle of next week... I'm a little too busy packing up existing sales to list anything right now.

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Most the remaining auctions are going up tomorrow (but not quite all of them, I didn't have quite enough free time). I also found another MPC Volume 1 Rick Hunter and an MPC Volume 6 Jack Archer. I think I might keep my extra Scott Bernard MPC for fear one or the other might fall apart in the box and I won't be able to use it for comparison purposes any more.

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Just listed the last of the items that didn't sell. Well, except for the fighter mode only VF100s, they don't take any space to store so I guess I'll keep 'em. If anyone wants them I'll sell the pair for $90 shipped.


EDIT - I got burned by a deadbeat on my last round of auctions who had won two items from me. There's now a restriction that people with two "did not pay" flags can't bid on my auctions.

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Hi Jenius. I noticed you said that you'd be willing to trade for a number of non-Macross/Robotech toys... does this mean we'll be seeing reviews of Patlabor or MP Transformers on Anymoon.com sometime in the near future?

Near future? Not so much. Some day? You bet. I've branched out to Votoms already (which I know has a tiny English speaking audience) and I have a lot of those toys to get onto the site which will keep me busy in the short-term. I also have some Macross catching up to do...

Hi Jenius, the beta is complete with box, instructions and stickers?

Thanks, Danilo

The Aoshima Tread is the only Beta I have left and it's like new. Unfortunately, you'd kind of have to twist my arm to ship internationally right now. I just shipped something to Malaysia and you'd think my local post office would have an easier time if I tried to ship something to the moon. It took forever and I left with two different tracking numbers and a "one will work" comment. Yikes.

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