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Group Buy for VF-171EXE Armored Pack - Bandai DX Chogokin


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DEADLINE IS Oct 7th, 2012.

This is the group buy for VF-171EX Armored Pack (Alto Custom). It's mainly for US residents due to the two-step shipping process.

[url=http://p-bandai.jp/chara/c0004/item-1000076460/'>Each set is 6000JPY + total shipping cost (international EMS bulk + USPS domestic).

The 6000JPY is due at sign-up (paypal info is dgundam3(at)hotmail(dot)com), please include your MWF userID, and mention the group buy item(s). Please send the fund as personal payment and send it in Japanese Yen.

International bulk EMS shipping cost will be divided equally between all the sets purchased. Domestic US Priority shipping will be calculated based on address and can be combined with other items. The Total shipping cost is due when the items are ready to be shipped to you.

Please let me know if there are any questions.

Participants (group 1)
chowyunskinny (paid) shipped
jasonc (paid) shipped
UN Spacy (paid) shipped
Valkyrie23 (paid)

Participants (group 2)

Q1. How much is the total shipping cost and how long does it take for the package to arrive?
A1. I don't know the cost without having the actual item in hand. Based on past GB, the total shipping cost is comparable to SAL shipping, and you will usually receive the item in less than 10 business days after it has been released in Japan. Due to day job obligations my shipping time has been sucking, I will try to ship paid order within a week of payment.

Q2. When is the last day to sign-up?
A2. The drop-dead date to sign-up is 2 days before the deadline set by Bandai. Please check the main post for deadline date once it has been announced by Bandai.

Q3. How is the item shipped, and is it insured?
A3. International bulk shipping is shipped via EMS with built-in indemnification. Default domestic shipping is by USPS Priority mail. Please let me know if you want to add insurance for domestic shipping, and/or ship it by other USPS methods.

Q4. Do you need my shipping address right now?
A4. Not yet. When it's due, please send the final total shipping cost as a Paypal purchase and make sure the correct shipping address is listed in the Paypal payment.

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I actually want these, but I preordered earlier from AE, if I knew earlier that Nano was going to have these I would of bought them from him. Hopefully nano can get the FP's for the 25G I'll def buy those from him!

Edit- actually if nano has any extra 171FP I probably but one from him to put on my extra 171.

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