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Original Macross TV flight suit


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Found this out on the wild plains of the Internet. Didn't know which forum this belonged in, but Fan Works seemed appropriate. Did a search and it seems this hasn't been posted, best I can determine.

Costumer's name is Sean of SMP Designs. He came up with a Macross flight suit from the TV series, but put an original design twist on it based on real flight suits. He shares his How It Was Made on his website.


I attached some photos from his gallery that are really great. Enjoy!




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I think it looks sort of Star Warsish because it's a bit baggy, and has the additional harness straps for the chute. Also because it's suddenly been realized in live action, versus stylized animation. The almost skin-tight SDFM flight suit just doesn't really lend itself well to real-world aesthetics, unless one goes the Prometheus veined pressure suit route (which is based on actual emerging, though not deployed technology).

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