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rare MACROSS series resin kits...


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hi, i came across these excellent photos of some rare 90's vintage resin pieces from various MACROSS series.

i feel that they should be added to the main site's resin model image galleries;

- 1/100 YF-19 Resin Experten Wonderfestival-







-Studio Halfeye half eye Perfect Variable VF-4G-





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Perfect Variable to me is grossly wrong imo, but these are true gems and very expensive to come across. I saw the VF-4G kit on ebay a month ago and if it were just a little cheaper I think I would of bought it and just kept it under lock and key.

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You can buy the Club M Vf-11 here.

What ever happened to Tanmen, anyway? Tried to do a search on him a while back, and all I could find was the huge debacle that happened here about 10 years ago.

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We've got some of those already in the Models section of Macrossworld classic.

i've full well known that since the first time i visited the site in 2000.

these are -much- better quality photos, which should be added to the database, in my humble fan's opinion...

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