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Yamato 1/60 Super/Strike parts + Option parts reissue


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funny, i did get in on the order "in time" (the last time they were available) and i never got them when they came in to HLJ. They must have oversold preorders last time. Guess my order will be coming in December. This happen to anyone else?

This happened to me. I pre-ordered mine with the Elint Seeker. Never got them in the November. Then I waited for the December restock. They never came and now they say discontinued even though my HLJ cart still says order pending. Really sucks since i did pre-order from anyone else thinking HLJ was smart and would not over order.

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I am at Singapore, haven't try to look at my local store though. But currently in the internet, there's no one selling :(

Din't bother looking for locally. Even if there are, you can be sure it's waaaay too expensive. Best bet are Japanese sites and HK sites

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Did anyone who ordered the super/strike parts recently get dark blue optional parts?

I recently got a set from HKCollectibles and they came with dark blue optional parts. The parts I got in the initial run of super/strike parts were DYRL off-white.

If these are the *missing* Cavaliers optional parts, they sure look great in my Cavalier VF-1A.

It's confirmed. I recently ordered a set from HKCollectibles after reading CoreyD's post and mine also came with the dark blue option parts.

Too bad they're sold out now, but if anyone got the second run of these from AmiAmi or HKCollectibles, they might wanna check if they got the dark blue option parts as well.

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^ you mean this? That's the colour of the side pieces as CoreyD posted earlier, compared to the teal like colour of the FP.

thanks. so are we talking about the whole fast pack being the same color as the side piece? or are we just talking about the side piece being dark blue?

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The option parts I got were dark gray. Doesn't matter to me; as long as I've got something to cover up the sides of the Valk. The gray's pretty versatile, as I can use them on any color Valk without it looking out of place.

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Ouch. I'm being quoted that amount for a set without the option parts too.

This one comes with optional parts. It is their 30th anniversary version. They seem to have a lot in stock too.

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Guest davidwhangchoi

not trying to resurrect an old thread unnecessarily but i recently brought in the last two months about 8 yamato 30th anniversary valks w/ option parts.

my last haul re-pasted from the recent purchase thread:


from getting these i discovered at least from what i observed so far and from what i'm reading on the boards is that yamato's are applied far more cleaner than arcadia's. at least for the arcadia Roy and multiple Yf-19's i purchased, i noticed arcadia has a lot of paint splotches/defects. like my arcadia Roy has yellow splotches on the black stripe in the chest area. and my 19's have black and red paint splotches here and there and black smears on the nose.

on the last my last yamato haul pictured above, every single one of them has perfect paint applications with no sloppy paint splotches. i took the QA of yamato for granted. Second, i miss the DYRL off white color. i think it's more desirable for two reasons. one, it's no longer being produced so they're going to be harder to find. second, both the yamato off white and tv white valks do not give off a strong ultra violet or pink hue when held up to a light.

I've got some yamato tv white valks as well which are whiter than the arcadia white and they do not give off the pink hue when under sunlight or my house lamp that happens with arcadia roy. eriku mentioned this is a characteristic of the no paint kits that yamato sold.

from what i gathered i think the yamato vf-1s roy dyrl 30th anniversary valk is the pinnacle verision if you're looking for a 1/60 DYRL vf-1s movie roy.

it's the only version that has:

-tightest tolerance in paint apps:

-DYRL off white color:

-the only dyrl off white roy with the 2.2 crotch.

-has the extra red triangle danger tampos by the canopy not on arcadia's

-off white colored option parts, missiles and set of hands.

i just wished yamato would've made vf-1s max with option parts and updated crotch in off white before going defunct.

but for now i think i'm looking for yamato's valks until the whites and paint apps are improved for arcadia.

(well at least until the vt-1 comes out)

i think i'm going to get a few more yamato roys in TV and DYRL colors for the time being.

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