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Interview with Korean Cosplay Group "Spiral Cats Team" members


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My apologies, this took me quite awhile to post, because of my peak period...



Macross Fans Of Malaysia Interview with Spiral Cats Team - Tasha and Miyuko

On the 10 June 2012, the second day of Anime Festival Asia Malaysia 2012, Macross members Boyarque, James and Vanpang had the opportunity to interview Tasha and Miyuko, 2 members of the popular South Korean cosplay group, “Spiral Cats Team”. The Spiral Cats Team consists of Tasha (the team leader), Ren, Tomia, Hyura, Eki, Miyuko and team photographer, SinMe. They are known for their high quality cosplaying costumes in Korea and Japan and are professionally engaged in events, photo shoots and cosplays performance.Tasha is also a fan of Macross Frontier and has cosplayed several occasions as “Sheryl Nome”

The following is an extract of our interview with Spiral Cats Team members Tasha & Miyuko :-

The interview was conducted through an interpreter, so certain translation may be lost in translation.


Q. What inspired Tasha to come up with the cosplay group, Spiral Cats.

A. Tasha loves cosplaying, and she learned that other countries have their own unique cosplayer group. So she decided to create one to represent South Korea’s cosplay scene. The name Spiral Cats was chosen because Tasha as a game developer, together with her current manager, worked on developing a game before, which was named Spiral Cats. The project failed unfortunately, but since her memories on developing that game was so much fun and exciting, she decided to use that name for her Cosplay group.


Q. In South Korea, which characters are more popular; Game or Anime characters?

A. Generally, the cosplayers know and like the anime character best, but because the Korean public are more exposed to computer games , Korean cosplayers normally choose to portray Game characters so that they can relate to their fans.


Q. How do you juggle between your daily duties and your hobby as a cosplayer?

A. Firstly, cosplaying for Spiral Cats is already a professional activity, which generates considerable income for its members. They do advertising and promotional activities for most corporate companies.

So their manager will arrange all the programmes for them which suits their schedule. Miyuko as the youngest member is still studying and thus do her cosplaying during semester breaks.


Q. Have you heard of ‘MACROSS’ before?

A. Tasha knew some of the series, but she likes Frontier best since one of its main character, Sheryl Nome, is potrayed as a superstar singer and uses multiple wardrobes which are beautiful and innovative. Tasha would love to cosplay as Sheryl Nome and be able to wear all the beautiful dresses.

For Miyuko, since most of the Macross info she got was from Tasha and her manager, she only manages to watch the Frontier episodes. But since there are so many homages and tributes to older series inserted, she becomes mightily curious and would love to watch the older series also.

Q. Your ‘word of wisdom’ for Malaysian Cosplayers?

A. To be a good cosplayer, one must make one’s clothes and accessories as authentic as possible. In that sense, Tasha would like to invite enterprising Malaysian cosplayers to come visit Korea, since you can find a lot of resources to create your costume, especially in the Dongdaemun traditional market.

Hey, maybe you can even pay Spiral Cats a visit!

That concludes our interview with Tasha and Miyuko of the Spiral Cats Team.

We would like to thank Tasha, and Miyuko for allowing us to take their precious time for the interview. It was a fun and engaging interview.

Special thanks also go to Edna from Dentsu (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, Mr. Shawn Chin of Sozo Pte Ltd, Mr Abe Foong and Lim Wee Ling of Asia PR Werkz Pte Ltd for arranging the interview.

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They are one of Korea's top cosplay team and the leader- Tasha started cosplaying because of Sherly. She's got all of Sherly's costume. Another member (5 in total) cosplays as Ranka! Would be great to have them during a local Macross anniversary gathering!

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Here's some juicy inside info.

Did you noticed a blue floral pattern piece of cloth on Tasha's right thigh - the 4th picture? It's not part of her costume! That's the manager's shirt! He gave it to her because he felt she was too 'exposed' on that side and told us not to take her photos from that angle!

Sorry, I can't go into any more details.....: ). I'm bleeding through my nose already.

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