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Bandai and Yamato sale for macross / saint seiya / gundam/ mospeada /


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Hello: I have some items to let go as i need some cash here it goes

Macross :

1) VF-0D hasegawa kit : USD18 ( Built but not yet sand)

2) Macross frontier EX-Gear Alto custom :USD83 ( brand new unopened still sealed in box)

3) Yamato 1/60 VF-19 Fire valkyrie + Yamato 1/60 VF-19 Sound Booster :USD200 Valkyrie had a out of box stressed mark sound booster was taken out dispolayed together with valkyrie before putting back

4.) Yamato VF-1A 1/60 Ver 2.0 kakizaki Hayao TV ver, brand new => USD100 exclude shipping.

5.) Bandai DX chogokin VF-171 nightmare plus => USD 210


1) Beagle Mospeada Stick Bernard I have changed the red latex cloth to a cloth material meant for 1/6 dolls the back have two covers for screws which have been damaged when i tried to open the cover to change the cloth Otherwise it arent changed much stickers unused but i did my panel line for the figure armour box is still intact manuals and such USD150

Bandai Metal Composite GFF Metal Build:

1) Gundam Fix - Metal Composite #1006 Unicorn Gundam reissue HK edition :USD260

2) GFF Gundam X without box but the rest of the parts are available USD80

Bandai Chogokin:

1) Super Robot Chogokin Aquarion Evol japan edition Displayed: USD35


1) Fate zero Saber Nendoroid MISB* :USD50

2) [w/AmiAmi Exclusive IC Card Sticker] Nendoroid - Mirai Suenaga displayed and decals applied:USD30 Gundam

Model Kits:

1) MG Freedom Gundam :USD73 air brushed prevous competition piece minor modifications done comes with customed base Left Wing is broken and glued back

2) 1/144 RG justice Gundam Brand new unbuilt USD40

3) 1/144 RG Gundam X ( Modify using RG freedom as frame and HG Gundam X for external parts ) Completed and sanded partially Comes with all the original parts for RG and HG manuals avalaible for both No box : USD40

Fate Stay Night:

1) Fate stay night Saber Holy Grail USD13

2) Fate Stay Night Dark Saber Holy Grail USD13

3) Fate extra Figurine Saber from Fate extra gameUSD$130

Robot Spirits on hand:

1) Arbalest lambda driver mode : USD25 displayed

2) Robot Damashii Unicorn Gundam Psycho Frame Light-Up Version With Glowing Stage USD90 MIB displayed for a very short period of time only box in C9 condition


1) Fate/Zero Figma Saber &ampamp Figma Saber Motored Cuirassier Displayed USD95

If you are keen in the items kindly contact me All nonsense and low ballers will be ignored thanks for understanding Offers are welcome pls do not take it that you can send me ridiculous offers






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Just wanted to post eyesonme78 was a great and trustworthy seller, he promptly communicated with me and the package was well protected and arrived in perfect condition. Thanks.

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