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FS 1/72 HW-00-MKII Monster Resin Kit and more kits...

Gabe Q

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This is the v1 by Mike. He's working on a v2 if you wanna wait on that one instead. He's got a thread goin here: http://www.macrosswo...hl=monster&st=0

It's a beautiful kit and I hate to let it go but I really need the money. I'll save you the sob story on why I'm selling but I really am sad to let these kits go.

Anyway, it's unstarted and includes the decals.

I'm asking $450 shipped in the US. Extra cost for international.

*6/28 - $400 shipped...

Putting this on ebay on the 1st.


I also have the following kits:

*I'll post more kits soon. I have have to go through the 100+ kits that I have.




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