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Yamato Vs Bandai, VF toy scales


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Hey everyone,

I have been reading alot of the threads and I have a few questions. In regardes to the scales of the valkyries. Do both companies utilize the same scale references? Also have Yamato and bandai ever taken a look at each others work? The reason why I am asking is that both companies state that the toys are the same scale, however, I see many inconsistancies. The best example I can site are the pilot figures. Yamato's figures look larger then Bandai's. Thank you in advance for the information.

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It's debatable just how accurate the scales are. The go-to scale for valks these days is 1/60. I think for most collectors, if the toys are close to the scale they say they are, then it's good enough. I'm sure you'll get some people really harping on the accuracy of the scales, especially the pilots and the cockpits. Me? If it looks good, and seems close enough, I don't care.

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Yamato's figures look larger then Bandai's. Thank you in advance for the information.

Simple, that's because Macross SDF/DYRL characters are taller in 1/1 scale than those in Frontier. :rolleyes: Have you seen the size of the 1/1 replica of the DYRL helmet? B))

All joke aside, it depends on the scale of the source, for example:

VF-1A Fighter Mode: wingspan 14.78 (fully extended); height 3.84 meters; length 14.23 meters

VF-25F Fighter Mode: wingspan 15.5 (fully extended); height 4.03 meters; length 18.72 meters.

So in 1/60 scale, they'd be different in size. But even so, manufacturer scaling on toys and figures are an enigma and doesn't always make sense. Just enjoy the toys as they are!

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I need a laugh...and this thread doesn't have enough nit picking for my taste.

I thought for sure some turbo nerd was going to bust a nut on this one, but it's only been up a couple hours. Give it some time...

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Overall, I think the Bandai figures are a bit under scaled. As for the Valkyries themselves, I'm not a scale nazi, so I think they're close enough to be considered the same.

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Most of the valks from both companies are engineered by the same people. I'd say the pilots come last when it comes to what will work in transformation. I mean if you think about the scale of the walls and canopies of those things they would be between 6 to 10 inches thick in 1:1 scale. That doesn't really leave a lot of room for the pilot. And to add, The way they engineered the older Yamato toys, there wasn't even enough room for the pilot legs and half their butts. The pilots are just there for detail and added realism, not scale.

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I always use Roy and Mylene as good examples for scale vs size. If you had a 1/6 Roy next to a 1/6 Mylene, Roy better be a whole lot bigger than Mylene or someone screwed up.

If they were instead the same size (12 inches) then they'd be different scales.

The VF-1 is very small compared to most other valks---*IT* is the weird one of the family. But it's so famous/iconic that it's the "mental standard" for people regarding valkyrie size.

And what EXO said----the other 95% of the valk may be to scale with the rest of itself and others, but the cockpit/pilot almost never is, to incorporate working hinges, detailed interior, etc.

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Pretty reasonable scores moncikoma but this my adjustment if we are doing a rating system


-Price : * * * * (-1 cuz the 4 stars only applies to AmiAmi's price, anywhere else it goes down to 1 star due to availability)

-Quality Control : * * *

-Design : * * * *

-Variety : * *

-Availability : 0 (I managed to snipe one with the F5 thing but c'mon why should we have to work so hard and lose sleep for something that hasn't even been manufactured yet in months to come)


-Price : * *

-Quality Control : * * * (History of exploding arms and the whole YF-19 thing - Too soon to give them a perfect 5 stars)

-Design : * * * * *

-Variety : * * * * *

-Availability : * * * * * * * * * * (Perfect 10/5 when compared to Bandai - At least one company wants our money)

In conclusion for myself - I say Yamato wins hands down in engineering, design, mold milking and above all else availability. If I can't get one how can I judge one? If you can't get a Valkyrie within an hour of a preorder window then who cares about price. I rather pay more to a company who is interested in doing business than pay less for one that just wants to create hype. Yamato 's got my vote - just please bring back the window box and start doing tampos nag nag nag nag nag the MW way! ;)

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