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1/72 VF-11B Thunderbolt Kit Completed


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Here is my latest completed work. Hasegawa's 1/72 VF-11B Thunderbolt from Macross Plus.









Cockpit Detail:




And with this kit finished, I have finally completed my Macross Plus collection!




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Very nice builds! Expertly done with great finishes. Great job, I love them.

Thanks for the comments.


Gorgeous, can we see the underside?

Kinda difficult to photograph it now that the tail fins are on. There's also not much to see.

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Amazing paint job. I'm horrible at that stuff. What techniques did you use to paint it?

Thanks you. The kits is painted with airbrush, and the detailing are done with hand brushing. It is a fairly straightforward out-of-the-box build. The hardest part is actually masking off all the individual areas for color separation.

A perfect build! very nicely done, thanks for sharing.

Thank you!



Thats one beautiful Thunderbolt and one sweet collection!!


Very clean. Great work! I've cracked open my box, but not done any assembly as yet... how did it go together for you? What do you think about the kit?

Out of all the Hasegawa Macross kits I've built (YF-19, YF-21, SV-51), this is the easiest one to build. Simple construction, parts fitting are very good, and many parts can be painted before assembly. But the plastic used is a softer plastic when compared to previous releases so there is actually problems of parts slightly warping and difficulty in sanding. Also, the connection of the lower legs and the arms to the fuselage is a bid odd. This can easily misalign the parts if not enough attention is given.

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Gorgeous clean builds! Congratulations on a wonderful collection. Flawless finish as always CW!!

You still do much better work than I WM!

Beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing! :)

Thank you!

Really Really Beatiful!!

Thank you!

VERY NICE! Clean and sharp! Congrats on having the complete set! - MT

Thank you very much!

That's a beautiful and clean build, really good work. Love the 3 valks toguether.

Why the noise filter?

No noise filter. Just didn't have enough light when I shot the photos. that's why they came out a bit grainy.

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So crisp. Every detail really stands out!!

Top notch work, I really can't say enough of how outstanding your work is.

Thank you very much for the kind words!

Nice work, just like they rolled off the assembly room floor!

Thank you.

Nice work, dude!

Thanks Dude!

Great work and great pictures!! But the next time, don't use a so high ISO value, to avoid grains in the pictures.


Thanks, I'll keep the suggestion in mind.

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Beautiful work! Very clean!


Nice clean build!


What do you use for masking tape and do you do anything special when masking?

I use Tamiya masking tape. Nothing special, just a lot of patience and trimming.

Super Clean!!! Well done!

I have one of these coming for review for CollectionDX and looking forward to building it!

Your finish is an inspiration!


Thank you! Looking forward to seeing your build.

Congratulations on completing your collection, and they are very beautiful...!


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Super beautiful build. Mine just came in from HLJ and it is still in the shipping box. Hopefully, I can do a decent build.

Looking forward to your work on it!

you do such an amazing ova justice!

Thank you!

Great work. I have that kit in my closet and your build definitely makes me want to move it up in ranking for what to build next.

What do you do to get the great panel lines?

I used a combination of panel wash and going over the lines again with a .005 sakura ink pen.

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Very sweet work on those kits! The VF-11 is my favorite mecha from Macross Plus. Yours has the cleanest, most crystal clear canopy I've ever seen on a model! Is that just from a nice dip in future or do you have a special technique?

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I use the canopy directly out of the box. Just make sure you clean it with water and soap before putting it on the jet.

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