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Vf-1 Short animation


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Cool model. What software did you use? What's the poly count? And how is it rigged? Are you using an IK rig or an FK rig, or some hybrid. When I rigged the VF-1 model I came upon, I created a really clunky IK/FK rig that I could switch between for transformation, I don't believe it's the classiest solution at all.

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Hi Everyone,

I'm a new member, but I had taken alot of inspiration from ARMD Deck Swabber 's Model VF-1. I created this model with the expection to come close to the quality of his model. Enjoy!

I believe the modeller you are talking about is danbickell. ARMD Deck Swabber is his board rank title.

Great job!

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It took me about two months to complete while working on other projects. I used Maya and Photoshop for it. I'll post some images of it along with the polycount in a little while. As far as the the rig was concerned I had gone through a few diffferent variations for it. The simpelest way I found was to just have the poly's parented to the controller's. I needed it done quik and dirty for my graduation=p. And to Coblato, thanks for the heads up! I'll fix that issue. Thanks everyone for the great feedback.

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