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DYRL Bluray Release Confirmed


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Famitsu.com has broken the first news on the upcoming Bluray release of Do You Remember Love.

The film will come in two flavours: the standard Hybrid Pack edition for 7140 yen and the Hybrid Pack 30th Anniversary Box for 13800 yen.

Both versions include a packed in game âMy Boyfrendâs a Pilot 2012â on the movie bluray disc itself.


The Hybrid Pack will include the following extras:

-90 min special features disc:

Flashback 2012

The beginnings of Macross: Kwawmori meets Miyatake

Documentary - Do You Remember Love: Flashback 2012

Animation from past videogames based on Do You Remember Love

Do You Remember the Taste? (collection of old tv commercials)

Image Board Gallery

Trailer collection

Colour booklet

Mini-size replication of the original theatrical booklet

Mini poster collection

Design sketch collection

Outer box illustration by Tenjin Hidetaka

Anime magazine archive

Film strip

(via Famitsu.com)

Read the full story here

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Sounds very cool, I wish I could afford it. In before "will it have english subtitles?" .

No need for subtitles, haven't we all memorized every line from DYRL? ;)

In anycase, this is a must have Blu-ray. Hopefully the remaster is better this time, than what we got in the HD remaster DVD set.

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If they've actually found a master of 2012 they can clean up, or at the very least the masters for the intro/outro bits, that'd be freakin' awesome. Though I wonder, DYRL's 2012 bits have always looked like crap, perhaps that finally prompted them to make the effort. This is going to be an awesome set, made slightly melancholy by Ishiguro's death.

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Hmm. It kind of sucks that the special edition pack is almost twice as expensive as the normal one, but I have to have it, no ifs, buts or.... whatever the third one is. :p

Funny, I already have two or three copies of the movie on DVD, I have all the books in this "magazine archive" thing, and I have the game on the PSP, but they polished all of these up and somehow made me want to buy it all over again. I love this movie so much I feel justified in getting it yet again.

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For some gameplayers (including me) that looks like a HD PSP triangle frontier torn into small chapters.

Want to play HD graphics Macross F? Go buy the two overpriced hybrid packs, you'll get the movie AND the game(s).

Want to play HD graphics classic Macross? Go buy the hybrid DYRL pack , you'll get the movie AND the game.

What if you just want to play HD-graphics-PSP-triangle-frontier-like macross game? I guess I'll pass on this one, I need a real game with vasts and detailed areas, not (again) a hybrid pack that'll make money out of fandom.

I'm sure the DYRL master is good quality but still, I really miss a true macross game on PS3 (or Vita, that would lead me to buy a vita+macross pack).

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Between this and the Sayonara no Tsubasa game, I might have to finally get a PS3. :)

Question though, what's the difference between the collectors box version and the regular hybrid pack? Just the fancy box? I mean, they're both called the "Hybrid Pack" in the listing above... EDIT: Nevermind, just looked at the images. The normal one is just the movie itself it seems, so definitely will be wanting the box set.

And yeah, in this case, I'm really not worried about no subtitles.

Also.. AmiAmi is already sold out of the collector version.. Is this going to be a repeat of Bandai's shenanigans with the VF-171?

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Both editions contain the game, the special edition comes with all the material listed above while the regular just the movie and game. And the box seems to be different as well, btw amiami is sold out already oh the Limited edition

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