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Good work so far! An ambitious project, to be sure. It makes me feel very proud when I see Macross fans using the material of the M3 as reference for fan creations. It was always one of the top reasons I built the site. I'd love to add one or two finished pictures of your Lego Macross to the "For Fans Only" if I may. I look forward to seeing more of your project.

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Man, I can feel that pain about not having strong enough rotating joints. Large transforming stuff often times just doesn't work with Lego versions, because the typical rotation joint is only held together by a simple axle, and those are nowhere near sturdy enough for heavy duty assemblies like these (or the hips on my 1/18 VF-1 from ages ago).

There are certain joints that make heavy rotating sections possible, but they're not shaped well to be used the way I need them. While they work fine for things like arms, they aren't very useful for things like hips and shoulders.

This thing is big enough that the largest type of detended pivot could possibly work though. I don't know the official name of them, but I could show you a picture.

I've been using the Lego Digital Designer program recently to work out the proportions and construction for a 1/32 VF-19F, and it's been really helpful for laying out the dimensions, but it can't tell you how heavy something is going to be, or if it will work in real life.

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Hey don't glue it ... that's a crime against LEGO :lol: Considering the size of this anyone will forgive you for supporting the weight of each section using stands or wires ... it will still be awesome.

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