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FS: 1/48 VF-1S Minmei Guard Thunderhammer


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So it is time to let someone else enjoy this marvelously custom 1/48 Minmei Guard Thunderhammer. Custom was performed by Rohby.

It has never been transformed. Armor was only taken off 3 times. The cod piece had issues and sent back to Rohby. He still has it.

Here are pictures I took of it. As you can tell, Rohby's work is on a completely different level. This is one of the best customs in existence.






As you can see, the Valk underneath has a complete custom paintjob and applied decals.



Now onto the details. I paid $1200 for this. $600 for the custom Valk and $600 for the custom thunderhammer armor. It won Best in Show at the Macross World Con in 2008.

I would like $1000 obo. No trades.

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How has yours held up? My TH has warped so bad the parts won't fit correctly. Whoever casted it did a really poor job choosing the materials, considering the amount of money I paid for it. Can you take a picture of it, I'd like to see how well it looks.

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