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Yamato 1/60 YF-19 + Fastpack Price Suggestion?


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Contemplating selling my Yamato YF-19 with the FastPack addon. It's been opened and stuck on display, then stored since 2008. It has the instructions and the stickers (which are not applied).

Problem is, I can't seem to find one for sale online to gauge what a fair price--after trying amazon, ebay.

If anyone could suggest something that's fair to both myself and the buyer (please don't PM as I'm not sure I'm getting rid of it), that would be most helpful.

Thanks in advance guys.

I apologize and will take this down if it's against the T.O.S., I just figure when you want to know something, you ask those that know best.





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If you're gonna throw it up on eBay, I'd just list it at $300 and see what happens. The fold booster with fast packs alone still sell for about $70 I think and the YF-19 probably around $175 but people seem to like the combined box sets which makes me think you could ask for a bit of a premium even though it's technically used.. I sold my 1/48 Stealth with Strike/Super Parts and Low Viz for $300 and $280 respectively though it took a couple weeks. There was a ton of interest and I didn't know what to ask for it though I did know what I wanted for them. If it doesn't sell initially, just drop the price slightly until it sells. This is assuming you're willing to let it go and that it doesn't sell for under what you want for it.

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