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30th Anniversary Exhibit NEWS - Talk


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That was me and Renato. You should have said hello. See you at the signing.

Oh, see you on Sunday.

I will go to Parco after seeing Nakajima-san at Ikebukuro.

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Would someone please record this on video as well as in photos.

Can't. DA RUUUULLLEEZZZ...."Oh no!"

There were 2 westerners speaking English in the venue. Might be the members of MW.

LOL. Everyone else was so quiet!

Oh, see you on Sunday.

I will go to Parco after seeing Nakajima-san at Ikebukuro.

What, she's going to be there on Sunday? Sorry all these things are getting confusing. Anyway, I'm planning on going on Sunday to the thing at Ikebukuro, then I'll be back in Shibuya.

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Cool. Looks like I'll be at the signing too. You do realize that you need to win a 2nd ticket on Sun to attend the Megumi talk right?

Oh, yes. And I didn't buy the goodies enough yesterday because I can buy the rest on Sunday again. It was a good judgment. I found another Anime shops in 4F of Shibuya Parco. COSPA and Noitamina shops. There were Anohana, Black Rock Shooter, Evangelion, and Gudam goodies. Well, how much do I have to pay? ;-)

The Macross Fanclub just announced that an event will be held in September to commemorate the launch of the Megaroad-01. Details tba.

Thanks for a new info. I am not a member of Ftama(Macross F fanclub). They are so enthusiastic but some of a certain character's fans tend to criticize others so easily. I don't want to hear that kind of bullshit. So I have acted alone to just have fun.

Well, today, I can't report the first day of SD exhibition at Ikebukuro because I will go to Nico Nico Super Meeting at Makurari to take pictures and shoot videos of some Itasha (cars painted on Anime characters). So sorry.

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A big thanks for people who couldn't go in Japan to see this exhibition.

I've been very very impressive by ealier concept arts, settei cels seen inside (they are originals, aren't they? ).

May i ask you something?

You put several links but maybe is it possible to have more pics about these artworks, please?

Wonderful to see original artworks^^

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Ok, I'm going to dump a bunch of pics here. I have to head straight back out (hey, it IS Golden Week after all!) so these will be full size pics with no explanations. Once the events are over, I'll collaborate with others on the boards who went and put together a proper gallery/report.

Without further ado, here we go.

post-9325-0-40150100-1335606322_thumb.jpg post-9325-0-81972100-1335606332_thumb.jpg post-9325-0-29115100-1335606345_thumb.jpg

post-9325-0-75416200-1335606355_thumb.jpg post-9325-0-33580500-1335606366_thumb.jpg post-9325-0-56247700-1335606376_thumb.jpg

post-9325-0-91431400-1335606386_thumb.jpg post-9325-0-60249500-1335606396_thumb.jpg post-9325-0-87702200-1335606406_thumb.jpg

post-9325-0-19778500-1335606416_thumb.jpg post-9325-0-16681000-1335606446_thumb.jpg post-9325-0-58386200-1335606453_thumb.jpg

post-9325-0-99094500-1335606463_thumb.jpg post-9325-0-24732200-1335606471_thumb.jpg post-9325-0-22955100-1335606480_thumb.jpg

post-9325-0-28575600-1335606490_thumb.jpg post-9325-0-73170200-1335606502_thumb.jpg post-9325-0-06485600-1335606512_thumb.jpg

post-9325-0-06663200-1335606522_thumb.jpg post-9325-0-67992500-1335606530_thumb.jpg post-9325-0-39912600-1335606577_thumb.jpg

post-9325-0-07383800-1335606586_thumb.jpg post-9325-0-97506300-1335606593_thumb.jpg post-9325-0-99221900-1335606603_thumb.jpg

post-9325-0-74537800-1335606615_thumb.jpg post-9325-0-21447300-1335606626_thumb.jpg post-9325-0-15222300-1335606636_thumb.jpg

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Ok, I'm going to dump a bunch of pics here.

"Low-angle shooting is not permitted." lol.

So, you could clear the "stamp rally." Could you show us your clear file?

And did you eat the Galactic ramen with Magellanic naruto? lol

Hmm. The last picture... Is that you yourself?

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