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Help! Wanted: Bandai VF100's Ozma battroid mode left shoulde

Alpha OTS

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I recently made an impulse buy for a VF100 1/100 VF-25S Messiah Ozma Custom. You know, that partforming Bandai figure? I had it for a few days, and enjoyed it in battroid mode. Then I tried partforming it into plane mode and while trying to pop the left arm off of the left shoulder, it tore off instead of popping off leaving the ball joint inside the arm and leaving me with a useless shoulder part.

I've since managed to remove the ball joint from the arm socket without damaging anything, and am considering what to do to fix the shoulder. A new part would fix it right up, so I'm asking before I go down that adventurous path.

Does anyone have a junker Ozma that they could sell me just that left shoulder battroid part? Or a junker Ozma for a reasonable price that includes that part?


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