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should macross get a remake also


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Maybe it is just the flush of the anniversary, but the retail figures on tankoban are up and there is a good deal on industry interest in putting that on the screen.

I'm not sure how I really feel about it, but there it is.... Though, with all that stands in the way, I'll show my **** at the Vatican again if it does actually happen. :D

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Maybe they should do a macross video game anime like Macross Digital Mission VF-X, Macross VF-X2 , macross m3 (without Moaramia just can't stand this girl ) I know I know it wouldn't be m3 or change the name to M2 and pretending that she never exist . how about the new video game macross 30 this could become a whole new anime movie or a ova .

I think one reason is really hard to do a new anime ,the songs I mean if they ever do remake of the original macross series what about the songs going to use same song or something total different and new.

I think we can wait the 50th anniversary if they ever remake it . 30 years is to soon to remake I think. We always have are macross the first manga to read.

I really want a whole new different story .

side note:

oh yeah one more thing I just finished watching the whole series of macross 7. once again what a torture basara . Only reason I watch because max & milia . I haven't watch that series about 8 years ago. I won't watch it again until 40 anniversary. Now I,m going to look at Macross II later in the month or two ... wow I haven't watch that about 15 years ago.

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Gotta love Pachinko. A decent remake is definitely possible. I think thoughts of Yamato getting remade probably spawned from the awesome little animated clips in the Pachinko games. That lead to a live-action movie getting made now we have Yamto 2199 which is an effin' awesome remake.

SDF Macross could see similar treatment, and I am certainly one for it. I think there's enough interest, just look at Macross the First. It wouldn't exist if there was no interest in the original designs.

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