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Yamato Macross DYRL 1:1 Hikaru Ichijo Helmet


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Posting for a friend. See the pictures for details. Was MISB but had to open the brown shipper to check it is real. The tape around the foam has not been removed for inspection so still factory sealed.

650 USD - The last one I saw locally sold for 850 USD +. Price is firm. You are welcomed to offer more. :D

Since this is for a friend locally in Hong Kong, and not my personal item, there are requirements to facilitate this deal:

1) I can inspect the item on your behalf. Discretion up to the seller to remove tape. Most likely not going to happen.

2) I can proxy between you and the seller since you do not know him

3) Payment MUST be by Western Union since the owner does not have paypal. Also I don't want to hassle with exchange rates through my personal paypal account and get stuck with fees or shipping responsibility.

4) Item will be insured for full value at shipping of your choice via Hong Kong Postal Service - SEA, AIR or EMS. If you choose to devalue the item to mitigate customs charges, you take the risk should ANYTHING happen to it and accept whatever it was insured for. Do not EVEN think about disputing this.

Protect yourself and eat the custom charges for full insured value.

5) If you are local, you can pickup or deal with the owner yourself. I am offering it to fellow MW'ers only.

6) NO DIBS, HOLDS or CALLS. First paid, first shipped.




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