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Regult Tactical Scout... finished!!


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Hi guys, once finished the Q-Rau's nightmare, at least I had enough time to finish the Scout, Cap's version. Due I started it at the same time with Q-Rau, chipping techniques are the same (salt)

I hope you enjoy it, any comment is welcome!











And this is a message for Mr. Kawamori in this 30th Macross anniversary:


If anyone wants this last picture as wallpaper, here is:


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Wow, this winter's salting the roads can really wear on your Regult! :p Seriously though, that looks AWESOME!!! I agree, the Forced perspective with Misa made me think "what if that was me standing under that monster!" Looks realisatic. Just add mayhem! - MT

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Wow your skills have come so far since your first kits, that is such a nice build!

What colors did you use for the different grays?

Very inspring, it makes me want to bust this kit out and get to work right now.

Make sure you put this in your album in the gallery.

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Thanks for sharing this build with us, Cool8or!

In all seriousness, this is more than good enough to be featured in Japanese modeling magazines like Dengeki etc. Nothing short of a professional build.

As a matter of fact, I downloaded a couple of pics to use as a wallpaper.

One question, though: was this modified from a store-bought kit, a straight build, or a kit-bash?

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