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From Timo Vuorensola, director of the Star Wreck parody film series, comes his first-ever major motion picture. Iron Sky is a sci-fi comedy set in the year 2018, where Nazis who colonized the dark side of the moon after World War II set a full-scale invasion of Earth. The film is set to premiere at the 62nd Berlin International Film Festival between February 9 and 19 before its international release on April 4.

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heem... Been a while since ive checked those finny retards (totally loved Star Wreck in the Pickering) and when i first seen the first trailers, i was smiggling. Horrible idea but really, ONLY these guys could pull off something this wacked (I loved

but they died off like most attemped serial fan films....oh wait... part 2... *cough Star Ship Exeter cough*.... oh wait.... thats more than last...)

anyway.... i look forward to.... what ever,... derp.

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Will there be space nazi babes? If wolfenstein, bloodrayne, indiana jones, and hellboy has taught us anything its that any sci-fi/fantasy involving nazis must have nazi babes.

Judging from the glimpse in that trailer: 1:05 - Yes. Yes, there will. :p

LOL, by "dark side of the moon," do they mean Argentina?

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It looks like a lot of fun. I remember seeing the first bits of concept footage for this, so many years ago now. Fantastic they finally got it made - and I hope it pays off for the team.

Could you read the name of the earth ship it whent by so fast I could not tell I remember in the consept art it showed USS george W Bush?

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Are you kidding? The whole movie is one giant cliche from start to end. AND I WANT TO SEE IT RIGHT NOW! (Memo! Get out off my keyboard!)

If there's going to be another cliche stars and strips cheesy victory, I will be disappointed. It's over kill.

Wanting this film to have something diffirent... like maybe the Nazi's win, or perhaps a country like Ghana or Belgium save the planet. :p

That would make this film a bit more original. ;)

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Just a pet peeve of mine:

FAR side of the moon. Not the dark side. The dark side is constantly in flux, sometimes the side facing us is dark, sometimes the other side is far, sometimes half and half, etc.

The far side, however, is always the far side (it takes the same amount of time to rotate on its axis as it does to complete one orbit of earth).

You'd think they could at least have figured that much out.

Also, I will likely not watch this. Seems like a good idea for a short, not a feature.

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