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1/60 Yamato: YF-19, YF-21, VF-11B, and YF-19 Fast Packs


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Hi all!

I have some 1/60 Yamato Macross Plus valks for sale. I have always loved Macross (and Macross Plus specifically), but it is time for me to part with my very modest collection. I bought these valks using the Macross World Forums and I wanted to offer them here first before I went anywhere else.

For sale are the 1/60 YF-19, YF-21, and VF-11B. I also am selling the Fast Packs for the YF-19.

Details for the YF-19: My favorite valk by far (although the figure itself fell short of my expectations). This one has been transformed the most, and unfortunately has been messed with the most. The box has moderate wear and the figure itself suffers from the white stress marks on the joint in the neck of the fighter (See pics). I have shaved down the two nubs of the beige plastic that touches the gray pieces in the neck to help with transformation and to have there be less pressure on the neck pieces in general (See pics). There is also a spot on the underside of the right wing where it connects to the main wing body that has some slight discoloration. I have included a picture of the left wing which does not have this issue for comparison (See Pics). This is not visible at all in any mode since that portion of the wing is always folded in some manner. Price: $140

Details for the YF-21: Has been transformed a number of times as well. The figure is in excellent condition and I have even kept the plastic wrap that surrounds the figure's wings while in the container. Box has moderate wear and there are scratch marks on the top-back of the box. One thing to note is that I have left the knee-cap armor (?) removed from the character while in fighter mode. Price: SOLD

Bundle Offer: YF-21 and the YF-19 TOGETHER. Price: $300 total (includes shipping). This is a FIRM offer.

Details for the VF-11B: Has been transformed a number of times as well. The figure is also in excellent condition. Box is in good shape with no noticeable scratches. SOLD

Details for the YF-19 Fast Packs: Have never been used or mounted on the YF-19. Box has moderate wear with a small scratch and a noticeable tear on the back side. SOLD

Shipping is a flat $10 for any item. I will combine shipping for however many items you buy. So if you decide to buy the whole lot, then you pay $10 for shipping total.

If my prices are too high, or if I am too out of touch with reality, then please send me a polite PM. I have been out of the Macross scene for awhile so these are numbers I have come up with doing just some quick look-ups on this site and a few others.

Thank you for your time and please PM me with any questions.

Edit: Items Sold and prices lowered.












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