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Hasegawa YF-19 "Eggplane"


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> Great box cover art too!

... created by the same artist (Hidetaka Tenjin) that drew the "normal" version artwork...

(speaking of which.. IIRC the Eggplane VF-1A/J and VF-1S Strike/Super artwork appears in the second "Valkyries" book. I don't recall eggplane VF-19 artwork appearing in that book, so perhaps there could be a third book in the series?)


And on a somewhat related topic... Who else really wishes that there were figures of the Eggplane girls (drawn by Takashi Fujisawa) ? There was some talk about that a number of years ago not long after they made their appearance on the boxart (especially after the appearance of what appeared to be a prototype at one of the hobby shows). So far the closest we've gotten to having that is one of the pilot figures in the F-22 kit (one "normal" generic pilot and one "character" figure which could be painted to look like the girl on the boxart). And of course... it would be amusing to see Eggplane girls cosplaying as Macross characters...

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