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1/60 Yamato VF-4G Web-Exclusive Toy


VF-4 Poll  

333 members have voted

  1. 1. If you lived in Japan would you pre-order a VF-4?

    • I would pre-order but I'm not sure I can afford it.
    • Yes I would pre-order, but I would only buy it if it was under $300 (about 24000円).
    • I would pre-order it and buy it at any price.
    • I would pre-order it just to bump the numbers, but won't actually buy it.

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I did select 'I would pre-order but I'm not sure I can afford it,' but that Nippon-Yasan pre-order enticed me with it's payment options. Meh, the issue I had during the poll was the total including shipping, but overseas is overseas, I guess. Oh well, it's in & now it's the waiting game. Boooo....

I like how it didn't want to trip the 400 point, hah hah. Must be the whole -99 versus -00 marketing thing.

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Thanks for the heads up ... just pre-ordered with NY - even though its one of my fabourite valkyrie designs, I probably wouldn't have done it if I hadn't missed out all those Bandai MF valks! I guess Bandai's stupidity is good for Yamato.

If HLJ comes out with it, is there any penalties in cancelling with NY? Do I just not pay up within that 2-3 week prior window and let the order lapse?

Is there a more definite estimated release date other than December 2012?

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Pre ordered! I can't believe shipping is so high, the box will be normal yamato size!? Now to reprioritize my other yamato pre orders, or which will be on sale by 2013??

The shipping was higher for my 171 as well, they asked if I wanted an automatic upgrade to Fed Ex later once the item was about to ship otherwise I could get a credit on another Macross item. So it's high now but you might be able to angle it to your liking later.

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As far as I can tell we've all pre-ordered via Nippon-Yasan and they haven't required payment yet. I can't speak about Yamato proper.

I hope if Yamato wants payment now, NY has the common courtesy to alert its customers.

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I just got approved on a credit card last week, but the total on this would be nearly at my limit and that's no beuno.

I get it's LE and such, 250 I think should of been the asking price not 350. That just tells Yamato we will pay any price if it's sought after and this is in that category.

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Man, this is really getting to my tipping point. I had it in my NY cart - and was about to purchase, and I saw $400 and I'm like "man, this is stupid". I dunno...I think it might be time to get out of the valk collecting business. It was ridiculous when it was $150-$250, but I could still justify it. Let's put this in perspective - for a $100 more, I just bought a 3D printer. I realize everyone has different tipping points, I'll probably still get one...maybe...but damn...at that price, I really have to think about it.

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