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milky paint job


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I've been repainting my YF-21 lately, and because of my horribly screwed up job last time which made me strip the whole thing, I've taken it thinning the paint and doing it slowly. I'm using Tamyia Flat blue, thinnned it with isopropynal alcohol, and I painted it with a brush (high quality artist brush). I'me getting the paint job with like a milky hue to it... its noticble enough to actualy change what the hue of the blue is, making almost likea gray like blue at a distance. I've done 4 coats (the paint is very thinned ) but I can't figure out the problem. Anybody else encounter this?

Thanks in Advanced

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I would say the problem is that you are thinning the Flat paint too much...may be should mix it with black or use royal blue on the mix...

Best way to go is to paint a part you aren't go to see like the inside of 2 pre gluying pieces and see the results before hand.

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