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SUPA MACROSS Yamato VF 1/60 for sale thread


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I have been delaying this for far too long now. I have no space to display ALL of my Macross valks, so I have to pick and choose what to keep. All of the below valk are well loved but used, with a few transformations for each, very good condition. No broken parts. All have boxes and manuals included. Buy multiples and save on shipping!!!!!

Last Ones for now. Prices Dropped

SV-51 CF= $130

Fan Racer NIB, unbuilt=$40

Macross Frontier

VF-25F V2.0 Alto=SOLD


Bird of Prey, some decals applied= SOLD

SDF Macross

VF-1J Command= SOLD

VF-1J Grey Goggles (hikaru)= SOLD

VF-1A Hayao Kakizaki=SOLD

VF-1D Virgin Road= SOLD

VF-1A Angel Bird (Decal applied to head)=SOLD


VF-1/60 TV super parts=SOLD

Fan Racer NIB, unbuilt=$50

Macross Zero

VF-0 unknown soldier (many decals applied)=SOLD

VF-0A Shin (shoulders intact, tightest Macross zero Valk I own)=SOLD

SV-51 Nora =SOLD

SV-51 CF= $130

QF 2200d A Ghost (rare)=SOLD

Macross 7

VF-22S Max (comes with excellent MW blast shield)=SOLD

VF-22S Miria ((comes with excellent MW blast shield)=SOLD

VF-19 Kai=SOLD

Sound Booster=SOLD

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