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"Rinne no LAGRANGE": Coming in Jan 2012.


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I know some people think that the robots in this show are hideous, but I actually really like them. I think they're pretty unique and different from anything else that's out there.

Quesition why ?

The robots joints looks to lack a lot of lateral torsion. Reminds me of Gobots Arm up Arm down now March!

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"Kamogawa's Last Line of Defense" / "Kamogawa Zettai Bōei Rain" (鴨川絶対防衛ライン)

  • March 17, 2012

As Madoka approaches Pharos, Midori reacts to her presence and transmits her thoughts to Lan and Muginami, asking Tadoroko to try and get her ban lifted.

As the two begin their attack against the enemy, the fleet focuses their attack on Lan whilst Muginami comes up against Villagiulo and a section of the fleet goes to attack Pharos.

As Yoko reveals some of her research on the ancient people to Asteria, she manages to convince her to lift Madoka's ban, allowing her to fly up and assist her friends.

As the enemy fires at Kamogawa, Kirius, Izo and Array stand to protect it.

Just as the girls gain an advantage, Yoko gets critically injured when an enemy Ovid lands in the school, causing Madoka to become stressed which in turn causes the Voxes to once again go out of control and bloom Rinne flowers.



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