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VF-1 Thunder Hummers for the Yamato 1/60 ver. 2.0 toy!


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Hi, I'm a newbie here, nice to meet you all~

Here is my work done, just completed.

Enjoy~ :p













Obviously, the VF-1S No painting Valkyrie is from 1/60 Yamato Ver 2 toy. Since I want to keep it in good shape, I'm looking forward to the coming re-issue kit version.

Thanks for reading, c u around :p


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Thanks all~

MW is the origin of this 1/60 armor kit, and I'm delighted to show my appreciation here too.

Below are a few bits and pieces progress shots; A few modifications were made by referring the original 1/72 ver which was first published in Model Graphix 2002 October.









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Amoror looks great. Will look even better if valk had gold visor ;)

Why I oughta!!!...


Actually the clear can be painted clear yellow... I'm sure it'll look great. That's yellow tamiya putty right? Man... that stuff is gone from the shelves here.

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looks like you use the kotobukiya model support goods mechanical chain bases in one shot. can you list which bases you put together for that configuration and also list what is shown there that is not included with the bases? Thanks in advance. The thunderhammer looks awesome!!

Yes, they are kotobukiya mechanical chain bases. I built two 2-storeys compartments with ceiling; Floor size is restricted to 2 x 3 because of the dry box underneath.


The upper compartment is composed of

Ceiling: No.007 x 2, No.008 x 2, No.009 x 2

Side Wall: No.008 x 2, No.009 x 2, No.001 x 3, No.002 x 1

Floor: No.001 x 4, No.006 x 2

Back Wall: No.004 x 2, No.006 x 4


001 x 3

002 x 1

004 x 2

006 x 4

007 x 2

008 x 2

009 x 2

With these, you can build the same with those core accessories shown. Also check here for those minors: http://main.kotobuki...o.jp/mechabase/

Amoror looks great. Will look even better if valk had gold visor ;)

Agree , I also like gold (or silver) mirror visor ~~

Just because I wanna keep the VF-1S No painting ver Valkyrie toy clean, I'm going to deal with the re-issue kit version supposedly arriving in Oct :rolleyes:

Awesome work!

I'll have to content myself with looking a pics of the Thunder Hummer set, though. Not sure I have the patience and eye for detail to fix up a complex kit like this one. There are easily over fifty individual parts on that thing!

Absolutely ~~ To build this kit simply demands another type of patience :wacko:

Here is the decal I have made for this built, yet they are not at all complicated graphics actually.

Anyway, for handy sake, be my guest ;) ~


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So are you planning to recast the kit for sale? I'm so keen on getting one of these goodies..hehe! B))

Two thumbs up for a fantastic great job, make me want to complete my kit, where I did some personal mods too!

Btw, still have a few kits left for those who are still interested!

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So are you planning to recast the kit for sale? I'm so keen on getting one of these goodies..hehe! B))

nooo...no plan to do so, I'm just an ordinary hobby fan.

I don't know how to recast anyway though I would love to know all necessary material and way to do it

Thanks for the clarification B))

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