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VF-18S Hornet

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2 hours ago, tekering said:

Why deprive yourself?  ;)


I might get the Woodland 1a and its GBP at a later point in time. 

Now you got my creative juices following @tekering.

Hmm.. Regular, Special Ops and Green Beret defense force and their mascot: HMR Monster! ;)

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2 minutes ago, jenius said:

If anyone knows how to get one of those visors, I'm all ears.

Jenius go to a Michaels and fine a clear plastic sheet and cut it to the shape of the visor. You can add anything inside of it. Or the other route has there was basically a clear solid plastic molded as a one piece visor. They were sold on the forum years ago in different colors 

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1 hour ago, Lolicon said:

You need a TV Roy too. :)

I'm good with the DYRL version.

1 hour ago, Foblander said:

Nice. I want a HMR Roy but they seem so overpriced at the current market value... >< 

Not cheap!

16.5k - 17k yen for the regular version (sans stand) and 18k - 19k yen (with stand) on Manda.

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5 hours ago, seti88 said:

Throw in an Arcadia vf-0 Roy while waiting for the DX....heheh

Pass. Going for the Arcadia Nora (possibly the PE version) as I got the Yammie version.

5 hours ago, jeniusornome said:

There’s also the yf-29 30th anniversary in Roy’s colors. 

Pass as well. Aiming for the YF-29b. 

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