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Whats Lying on your Workbench MK IV


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1/1300 Bentenmaru (from the Mouretsu Pirates anime) awaiting painting or decaling (not sure whether to paint it actually - it's molded in color, and the colors are strange mixes like a very dark burgundy and a dark pink for most of the fuselage and bits)

I looked for this kit as soon as I read this! I really liked the design of this ship and the anime. HLJ is getting a restock of the normal version in and I ordered one.

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Glad it arrived intact! Looking forward to seeing what you do with it.

Yeah! It arrived a few days ago and I wanted to get going on it asap without thinking of telling you it arrived. It looks awesome actually... I'm really excited as its my first biplane since I was a kid.

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Does anyone have the unicorn decals in 1:48, for the tails on Area 88 planes (like Shin's F-20 Tigershark)?

After watching the OVA's and series, I'm going to take the old 80's "translucent plastic" Phantom kit I have, and do a blue over grey scheme with "A88" tail code markings, but the only decal I found, is on a 1:72 resin Crusader kit for $100+ on ebay.

Google delivers:


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Hervé: awesome AWing and BGS suit... can't wait to see more!

From Zero to Hero! Nice job Noyhauser; that came out beautiful! - MT

Thanks MT... its been a pretty interesting build.

Before starting on my biplanes I've been trying to clear some builds.


So its a hasegawa 1/72 F-11F Tiger. Its a short nosed version, so it has a little resin insert for the nose which you're supposed to cut off. I didn't want to do a full cockpit, so I rummaged through the spares box and pulled out a pilot.


There are several different modifications beyond the nose. One of them was the wing strake which was added to long nose version and not on the early version. The modified wing is on the left and the original one is on the right.


Here is it all put together. The nose needed puttying to get to fit right, as it is a bit big. I also rescribed the entire aircraft... as the kit itself is raised panel lines.


Here is a first primer coat to see what I need to do with the kit.



Needs a bit more work, but its getting there.

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Cool, looks a bit like the nose to Yukikaze.

I thought the same thing...in fact I thought it WAS the nose section of the Mave Yukikaze until I read the description and then looked closer. Lol


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I decided to really weather my land speeder model my girlfriend built about a year ago. It came pre weathered/painted as it was a snap tite kit, but I never really liked it so I threw a lot of black weathering wash, Tamiya weathering kits and some pastel chalk on it over the last couple days, I think it looks better. It looks better in person I'm just too lazy to get out my good camera and take good pictures...using iPad



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WOW! No posts for December yet? Everyone must be out Macross shopping B)) While the Daedalus paint and decals are drying...

Thanks to EXO for taking on the commission of digitally sculpting this 1/350th Zentraedi (1/60th scale human sized figure). EXO's sculpt was awesome, but Shapeways orientated him laying on his face! You can see the difference. To make it worse, the frontal detail is in a lower DPI than the back so the steps were more noticable. You can see from the side photo the clear and white differences. The white is the jacked up printing they did. I was able to clean it up, but the detail is not as good as EXO's original. Then final shots with a flat primer coat on them...

This is part of what I'm hoping to release in 2014 with some 1/350th kits awaiting casting. Mad props to EXO for sculpting this (I SUCK and sculpting people). - MT






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For a 1/60 scale fig I think that turned out pretty darn good! My hase' pilots are maybe 1/2" tall and I have to assume this fella is between 5/8 or 3/4" tall? The detail Is outstanding when you consider that when I started modelling (1985) pilots and figures were blobs until you reached 1/35 scale.

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